2020 Meeting Calendar and Directions

Our 2020 meetings will be held:

  • January 18 — Edwin Batres
  • February 15 — Julie Haymaker
  • March 21 —
  • April 18 —
  • May 16 — Cindy Holsclaw
  • June 21 — Jean Power
  • July — Cindy Holsclaw
  • August 20 — Betty Stephan
  • September 5-6 — Helena Tang-Lim
  • September 19-20 — Helena Tang-Lim
  • October 24 — Susan Sassoon
  • November — Melinda Barta
  • December — No meeting: Dark

At each meeting, we host a dynamic program speaker, who presents a lecture and slide show about her or his work.  Past speakers for instance, have included Nancy Cain, Helena Tang-Lim, Nichols, Julie Haymaker, Betty Stephan inside look at who will be speaking each month, please see the Upcoming Programs page, and for details about our past guests, please see the Past Programs and Activities page.  Meeting these talented artists and luminaries of the beading world is one of the highlights of our monthly programs!

Our speakers generally give a presentation on Saturday, and then teach a class for us on Sunday.  For a list of the classes that will be taught, please check our Classes page, which has sign-up information and class details.

We are dark in December each year.

If you haven’t yet been to a SD Bead Society meeting and don’t know where our meeting room is, please don’t worry, for the staff at the front desk of the JCC can point you in the right direction when you arrive.

Bead Jar:

Are you looking for a mind boggling collection of beading treasures? Each year we have a drawing for the Bead Jar. To be eligible for the drawing, bring beautiful beads left over from a project or that special bead you bought in a moment of insanity that just isn’t your color or style. Drop it in the jar, take a ticket and you may be this year’s lucky winner!