Did you know that we have a large collection of books related to beads, wireworking, design, and color that our members can check out for free?

To check out a book, look for the Library Cart at our monthly meetings.  The cart contains all of our books, and you can check books out for one month at a time.

To download a complete list of our books, please click on this link:  Library Inventory as of October 2017

Ellen Kindsvater, our Librarian, would also love it if you sent her requests for books you would like her to purchase for our collection.  If there’s a new book out there that has caught your eye, please email us at and we will send your request to Ellen.

Since our Library Cart can only hold a limited number of books, we generally sell older titles and magazines at the Bead Bazaar in August, so keep an eye out for our booth!